My Battle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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Fatigue can have both physical and mental causes and can be described as a feeling of constant tiredness or weakness.

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Its not the same as feeling drowsy, or tired after a busy day. Its more a feeling of pushing yourself through the day, every day. Read more Read more on National Centre for Farmer Health website. Fatigue is common after stroke, fifty percent of survivors in one study said tiredness was their main problem twelve months on. What can you can do to better manage fatigue. Read more on Stroke Foundation website.

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What is excessive daytime sleepiness? Everyone has days when they feel more sleepy than normal. Sometimes you know why this is the case. Often it's to do with a busy lifestyle or too many late nights. But some people feel sleepy day in and day out and cannot work out why. In fact, they may fall asleep at times and pl. Find out about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of glandular fever infectious mononucleosis - sometimes called the kissing disease.

A person with narcolepsy is extremely sleepy all the time and may fall asleep several times a day.

How bad science misled chronic fatigue syndrome patients

It's a widely held view that exercise can improve mood and overall wellbeing, but what does the literature say? Cooney et al. Some say otherwise Read more on Ausmed Education website. Read more on Australian Prescriber website. Understanding physiological reactions to trauma - fight, flight, freeze and the coping strategies children use when they are abused and traumatised. Read more on Blue Knot Foundation website. Healthdirect Australia is not responsible for the content and advertising on the external website you are now entering.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome causes extreme fatigue that cannot be explained by any other medical condition.

‘It was like being buried alive’: battle to recover from chronic fatigue syndrome

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You should maintain physical activity at a comfortable pace. If you increase your level of physical activity, do so gradually. Decreased consumption of alcohol and caffeine at night may help you sleep. Try to minimize social isolation. Medical therapy is designed to relieve the specific symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome.

People with CFS are often sensitive to many medications, especially those that affect the central nervous system. Usually, your doctor will begin with low doses of medication and gradually increase the dose depending on side effects and your response to the medication.

Stanford Unravels the Mysteries of Chronic Fatigue

Because drug therapy is directed at symptom relief, medications should only be used in CFS if all other causes of the symptom have been ruled out. Remember that all medications can cause side effects. Talk to your doctor before beginning any new medication and if any side effect develops.

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NSAIDs, for pain relief. Some are available without a prescription, including naproxen Aleve and ibuprofen Advil , Bayer Select, Motrin , Nuprin. Prescription drugs include tramadol hydrochloride Ultram , celecoxib Celebrex , and other naproxen-containing medications Anaprox , Naprosyn. Always ask your doctor about any new treatment, including herbal supplements. Other therapies tried by people with chronic fatigue syndrome include massage therapy, acupuncture , chiropractic therapy, cranial-sacral techniques, self-hypnosis, and therapeutic touch. People with CFS may feel better with such techniques, but these therapies should be combined with an individualized exercise program that includes stretching.

Many people report successful treatment of CFS symptoms with experimental therapies, herbal supplements , and dietary modifications. Various dietary and herbal products have been promoted in the market to improve symptoms of CFS. Many of these have not been tested in controlled trials. Preparations that have been claimed to have benefit to CFS patients include astragalus, borage seed oil, bromelain, comfrey , echinacea , garlic , Ginkgo biloba, ginseng , primrose oil , guercetin, St.

John's wort , and Shiitake mushroom extract. Dietary supplements and herbal preparations can have potentially serious side effects, and some can interfere or interact with prescription medications. Do not begin any experimental treatments without consulting your doctor or health-care provider.

Regular follow-up is necessary for your doctor to monitor your treatment program. Because the treatment program should be based on your overall medical condition and current symptoms, it should be modified over time. Visit your health-care provider regularly.

Chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms are worsened by stress , too much exercise, or lack of sleep. Avoid these triggers. The percentage of people who completely recover from chronic fatigue syndrome is not known. Most people with CFS have improvement in their symptoms over time with proper treatment strategies and regular care. People with CFS may have cyclical symptoms in which they have periods of illness followed by periods or relative wellness. Most patients recover within five years of the beginning of the illness.

Many support groups are available for people with chronic fatigue syndrome, but not everyone with CFS will find a support group useful. Groups can add more stress for some people rather than relieving it. When considering joining a support group, think about the following:. Medical Author: William C.

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