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Computers will coordinate the satellite and software will run the show and tell. Holography is based on very nearly identical signal, combining to produce an image or hologram with deep perception which is equally applicable?? It is an optical phenomena.

The New General Theory of Science of the Universal Law

Not a single area will be excluded. With computer animation and sound effects appearing to come from the depths of space, astonished followers of the various creeds will witness their own returned messiah in spectacularly convincing life-like realness.

Then the projection of the Christ, of Mohammed, Buddah, Krishna, etc. Naturally this superbly staged?? In addition, this event will occur at a time of great political anarchy and general tumult at the edge of something big… the United Nations, even though it plans to use the Beethoven song of joy as the official Anthem for the New World Order.

Now, if we put this space show and parallel with the star war program we get this: Combinations of electro-magnetic radiation and hypnosis have also been the subject of intensive research. In , for instance, researcher G.

Is Trump Launching a New World Order?

It may be expected that they rationalize their behavior and consider it to be under taken out of their own free will. Anybody investigating so-called channeling phenomena right now would be wise to take this area of research into consideration. It is interesting to note the fact that the number of people who consider themselves channelers have escalated rapidly since this type of research was conducted.

It is uncanny how similar their messages are regardless of which entity they claim to be the source of their divine guidance. It would suggest that any individual considering the content of channeled information should be discerning and critically evaluate where the message they are receiving or considering it empowering or would serve to invoke thought patterns beneficial to the New World Order. The Sidney Morning Arrow?

Nathan Ab??

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It is worth quoting the article at length even though his grammar is a little old. This article relates with the subject who manufactured the advanced computer we were talking about a few minutes ago, and which is really important, because these kinds of computers can be around through satellite into space.

New World Order

The computers were fed, as we said as well, with the different languages and their meanings; the dialect of the people has been fed from the Nature Truth satellite. The Soviets started to feed the computer with objective program. One disturbing possibility, given all the information we have at hand, is that the individuals involved in this potential?

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  • Such waves from satellite are fed from the memory of computers which store a lot of data about the human being and the languages. These waves will then interlace and interweave with the natural thinking to form what we call?? Mind controllers manipulate information in the same manner as a computer for grammar manipulates information. What does that mean exactly? That means this: If we refer to one paper that was delivered at the conference, stood out for its different attitude toward the development under discussion at that time.

    President Trump and the new world order

    It was in effect a protest and a chilling warning to the attending scientists about the potential abuse of their research findings. Now, what does that paper mean, and state? It states that the United States has?? This communication equipment depends on the new way of looking at the human brain and neuro-muscular system and?? It will never be used to make the blind see and the deaf hear and the lame walk, because it is central to the domestic political agenda and foreign policy of the late president Bush. Domestically the new communications equipment is being used to torture and murder persons who match profiles imagined; to be able to screen a given population for terrorists; to torture and murder citizens who belong to organizations which promote peace and development in Central America; to torture and murder citizens who belong to organizations opposed to deployment and use of nuclear weapons; and to create a race of slaves called automatons, or what it is popularly called, the Manchurian Candidate.

    Over seas experimentation is taking place on?? In addition there has been a long series of?? What is possible to ask here in front of such a psychology of terror as this? Would any government, corporation or psychiatrist willfully promote such horror today? Government agencies and the corporations that work with them toward New World Order are prepared to promote anything that will help them to achieve their objective of total social control.

    And secondly, it promotes the decay of the current form of democratic political system and leads societies to search for alternatives to current political methodology. Of course, the alternative has already been planned. As George Bush. Fear has always been used by powerful elite to control and subjugate the masses. This too, it is called mind control. He said,. We have the techniques to do it.

    No one owns his own personality. The same psychologist adds:. Which is important in that kind of declaration here, if the NWO will be set up over the old one, that means that the old way of thinking, the way we think right now — our behavior, our religious beliefs — would be considered by those people as old thinking, an old way of living, and they will have — to change it — the re-education camps of the United Nations, to make sure that people will have — for them an anti-social behavior which is today an actual one — will be re-educated in a way to have the new behavior to fulfill the needs of the NWO.

    Might it be the largest mind control project ever? So I would suggest you examine the evidence carefully before you disregard this possibility. Now, if we go further in the different reports we have over here, we find this: The mind control operation and technology include a transmitter which broadcasts at the frequency of the human nervous system, which system is manufactured by the Laurel Electro-Optical System in Pasadena, California.

    Investigating the Climate of Change…. Max Bliss & Co.

    Laurel, a major defense contractor had previously conducted research on directed-energy weapons for Lieutenant-General Leonard Perez of the U. Air Force who was searching for a weapon to implant messages into the minds of the enemy and to urge his own truth onto superhuman deeds of valor. The device employs electro-magnetic radiation of jigars? It is used to torture people both physically and mentally from a distance. Weapons of this type are claimed to have been used against a British woman protesting the presence of American cruise missiles at Greensam?

    The process employed by such ELF technologies are described in various U. Tyler, medical? Colonel, David? Air Force. The technology is very simple, and can be built using an ordinary police radar gun. Joseph C. Sharp, who personally underwent tests in which he proved he could hear and understand spoken words delivered to him in an echo-free isolation chamber via a pulse microwave audiogram, an analogue of the word sound vibration beamed into his brain.

    Now figure out, when we talked about that new messiah from space would be talking to different religious and faith people on the earth by the inside who would give such kind of instruction like to Muslim people what kind of possession case and kind of social disorder on a large case scale ever seen before we would see everywhere on the planet. This technology could be used to make the deaf hear, but instead it has been turned against the public. Olenfree also reported that he could speed up, slow down or stop isolated frogs hearts by synchronizing the pulse rate of a microwave beat with the beat of the earth itself.

    According to Robert Becker, similar results have been obtained using live frogs, indicating that it is technically feasible to produce heart attacks which are rays designed to penetrate the human chest. I should mention also that Becker does not participate in such research. It has been demonstrated that focused Ultra High Frequency — UHF — electromagnetic energy beams can be used to induce considerable agitation and muscular or induce muscular weakness and lethargy. Microwaves can also be used to burn human skin, and aide the effect of drugs, bacteria and poisons, or effect the functioning of the entire brain.

    As a start, authoritarian-minded leaders who detest liberal ideas and seek to perpetuate the Age of Carbon now run all three countries. They, in turn, exercise a commanding role in the global production of energy. Along with Saudi Arabia, they jointly account for 41 percent of global gas output. In addition, each of the three is closely linked to other major oil and gas producers: in the case of the US, Canada; for Saudi Arabia, the Persian Gulf sheikhdoms including tiny Qatar with its giant natural gas fields which, at this very moment, the Saudi royals are trying in a draconian fashion to dominate and subjugate ; and for Russia, the former Soviet republics of Central Asia.

    All of this only adds heft to the hydrocarbon dominance of this potential trilateral alliance. When oil and gas output from all of these countries, including Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Turkmenistan and the United Arab Emirates, is added to that of the Big Three, the resulting combine controls approximately 57 percent of world oil output and 59 percent of its natural gas production.

    New World Order |

    To the degree that Trump and his top aides have articulated a grand strategic vision, it is to bolster US ties with these other petro-powers in the energy, diplomatic and military realm. This means strengthening links between American energy companies and those of the other potential alliance members, increasing diplomatic coordination and enhancing military ties.

    Trump had hoped to collaborate with Russia in a similar manner in the war against ISIS in Syria, but political circumstances in Washington have made that untenable for now. The US-Saudi arm of this alliance is already strikingly in play. Trump had clearly expected to make equal progress on Russia on entering the White House, though his own missteps and those of his close associates, including his son-in-law Jared Kushner have impeded that effort. And lest there be any question about the triangular nature of this incipient alliance, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Defense Minister Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi deputy crown prince, in Moscow just a few days after Prince Mohammed met with Trump in Riyadh.

    Although Russia and Saudi Arabia share many interests in common — particularly in the energy field where both seek to constrain production in order to boost prices — they also differ on many issues. For example, Russia supports the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria, while the Saudis want to see him ousted; likewise, the Russians are major arms suppliers to Iran , a country the Saudis seek to isolate.

    By building an alliance of fossil-fueled states, Islamic countries included, Trump hopes to bolster the strength of pro-carbon forces globally. In this sense, he seems to be creating a self-fulfilling prophecy by pushing the green states closer together. Five days later, she hosted the Chinese prime minister , Li Keqiang, for talks in Berlin.

    He then flew on to Brussels to confer with leaders of the EU. Mutual pledges to uphold the Paris climate accord were said to be a prominent feature of these discussions. Keen to assume world leadership in the production of renewable energy, China has been making enormous strides in the development and installation of wind and solar power. Such technological expertise will form the infrastructure backbone needed for countries to meet their climate goals, making China the energy partner of choice for many nations. India is also seeking to join the A-team of leading green powers.

    Once considered a stumbling block to any Paris agreement thanks to its partiality for coal-fired power plants, India is now making giant strides in the development of renewable energy. According to the respected environmental website Carbon Tracker , India is now expected to obtain 40 percent of its electricity from non-fossil fuel sources by , eight years ahead of schedule. Especially when you have been sickened by the excesses of American corpocracy.