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It's a romance book that starts off in a brothel where the main characters are getting it on.

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Which basically sets the tone of the book. You can't go wrong with that in my opinion. May 24, Breanne rated it liked it. No one should be surprised by the cliches and predictable plot. Compared to other books, this should probably be two-stars, but set within the context of romance, it was enjoyable enough.

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Jun 26, Nicole rated it it was amazing. I love how easy this book was to read.

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I find a lot of period romances to be every long winded but this book wasn't. I know that I'm going to reread this book and love it even more. Sep 25, Allison rated it it was ok. Plot a bit far fetched. The heroine is the widow of a much older war hero, and supposedly Queen Victoria wants her to be a model for the nation regarding mourning.

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This is prior to Prince Albert's death, by the way. I'm not sure who he actually is, other than too wealthy to worry about anything and too arrogant to live. I'm cutting my losses with this one. Sep 25, Paula rated it it was ok Recommended to Paula by: All three books followed a similar plot line and convenintly the heros turned out to be titled.

Hello, take a leaf from Ms Heyer - a true gentleman is sometimes just that. Sep 07, Evelyn Rivera rated it liked it.

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The story line had a slow started for me. The plot was all over the place and there was never a real end with the plot. Portia and Marcus story within the book was okay their story did had a beging and end but ther rest was just to water down for me. Feb 03, Elisia Crawford rated it did not like it.

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This book was such a let down I disliked so much about this book its hard to know where to start. It was slow, boring, and ultimately I didn't really like either main character. The author tried creating a reason why these 2 couldn't be together that I just couldn't get on board with Jun 24, Karine rated it liked it Shelves: A easy romance read set in a beautiful location and time in history.

The main characters were pleasant, despite everything that was happening to them. Life never seems easy, and matters of the heart always make in more complicated than it really is.

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Feb 20, Kassie rated it really liked it. All wizards are demigods. Lucy Heartfilia thought that being a wandering demigod looking for her mother's legacy was hard enough. Throw in a fire-wielding demititan, a stripping son of Khione with too many ice puns, a daughter of war that attacks first and rarely asks questions AT ALL, and a bunch of psychopathic deities Tartarus-bent on the world's destruction, and it got a whole lot harder. Annabeth can imagine a finger on a chin, or the statue of The Thinker coming alive, bronze lips moving.

Yes, yes, an equal. Someone as strong as you in every way. Someone who will challenge you, who will make you better. Someone with a destiny as great as yours. Her destiny is great. Apollo is the source of catastrophes more than often. Somehow, his success and efforts tend to blow up right into his face. However, he has a hard time denying himself things he desires and staying away from beautiful people. Especially people with black hair, sea green eyes, sinful body and sassy mouth.

Percy Jackson characters in chatrooms with you! I accept requests but no OC's, sorry, only reader-inserts. You don't have to be in the Percy Jackson fandom to read this I tried to explain what was important to know in the fic. There shouldn't really be any spoilers either.

Great summary, right? Brought from Fanfiction from to here for me! Same person! It all started when Aphrodite went up to Persephone with a knowing smile plaster across her petite face. The goddess of love first said. After escaping the Lotus Hotel and Casino with the help of two children that dress and look oddly like them. Mara and Leo worry about the truth and what the Goddess does when she wants them back for This is one of my favorite-pairing-oneshots that explain how the dynamics in my headcanon works.

It will also answer some questions my headcanon-timeline may raise if you read that, but it works perfectly fine without having read my headcanon-timeline.