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His first job, as a senior in high school, was at Rio Grande Steel. Bud has worked in the construction industry for over 45 years. At one point he owned a millwright business that he ran for 10 years, called Sunset Equipment, then he eventually changed the name to Crane Safety Services, where he functioned as a certified rigger and lift master.

Bud sees a huge opportunity with his customers and would like to expand the EMNRD footprint and grow the industry. Although Bud was required to figure his life out at an early age, I believe he has an impressive story to tell. Bud has been married to his wife, Liz for 40 years and they have two 2 children, Leslee 37 and Rader When time permits, Bud and Liz enjoy getting out of town and going camping in the Jemez for a weekend getaway.

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They love the outdoors — fishing, hunting, barbecuing. Our facility has been carefully designed to have the least amount of impact on the local environment.

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All of our waste is collected and processed, and our water comes from an exclusive source on our property. We grow in small batches to ensure that the quality of each plant is as high as possible. We are not operating a factory farm but rather taking the time and care to make sure that every bit of our product meets our very high quality standards.

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Our experts examine each plant daily and when its time for harvest, we process the plants by hands, again inspecting them for quality. Anything that does not meet our stringent standards never makes it to our customers.

Sign up for our exclusive newsletter and be the first to know about product releases, news on the company and important BCBUD announcements! Our water comes from our own pure deep water aquifer and is cleaner than municipal drinking water. Lacking the impurities that can harm plants.

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We take the extra effort to take care of the environment. Our low waste facility recycles, composts and reuses as much as we can so our impact on the local environment is minimal.

Their license also permits them to process cannabis for the creation of cannabis oils. This Phase I license will authorize the company to produce up to kg of premium, hand grown dried cannabis.

Just natural dirt, water and air. Organically Grown In Soil We believe that the power of medical cannabis comes from the earth itself.