Finding Jill: How I Rebuilt My Life after Losing the Five People I Loved Most

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Instantly, I knew that I wanted to have Kevin help me write my story. We just clicked and it made so much sense. He helped turn my story into something I am proud of, and in turn it has helped jump-start my motivational speaking career. I have been impressed with his professionalism, his excellent communication skills, his ability to meet deadlines, and his keen knowledge of addiction.

We are thrilled with the book! Then I contacted Kevin. His writing talent and expertise finally brought me to that light at the end of the tunnel! He decided during my sisters 1 yr battle with lung cancer that it was the best time to take up with a new girlfriend!

I was too busy flying to Florida every few months for sis so I pushed it aside. Now she is gone and I share barely a home with him. He is never here anymore and since I have no children or family I am so distraught I can barely get through a day at times. I miss her so much it hurts so bad. I am at a standstill. It seems life stopped when she left me. She was the only one that would drop anything for me.

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Is it ever going to stop hurting so much? I hate living like this. How sad is that. I just needed to talk to someone. It sucks to be alone. Thank you for listening to me.

64 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Grief

I lost my wife of 24 year 9 weeks ago today…. I found her in the tub dead….. Im disabled no kids no family all dead…. Im trying to sell the house and get into a over 55 community … Im in such bad shape I wish every day i was with Delia. Im 61 ad she was Im lost and envy delia wish i dead. I lost my wonderful husband May 11, to leukemia and I am just getting worse with anxiety, depression and panic. We did everything together. I am so lost and lonely without him. We were married 39 years. I tried medications and therapy but nothing helps.

I pray to God to help me. I know the feeling , everytime the husbands are involved I am left out. My husband died 6 years in Oct 2 and the loneliness haughty me, even though I try to keep busy. I lost my husband on February 5, We had been married for 45 years and he was my soul mate and best friend. I miss him terribly every day and I too wish I could be with him now. I have 5 sisters who all have great husbands and I am so very much alone. Getting thru one day at a time is even rough. Loneliness is terrible to say the least. My heart and prayers goes to each and everyone who has ever lost a loved one.

I Feel your pain,l,m also convinced the hospital killed my husband,they also had him doomed since say one,three weeks in intensive care and every day was a royal battle with the Drs.

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The VA killed my honey 32 yrs June 1, He had pain in his left shoulder. They misdiagnosed him twice under questionable circumstances. One dr. Waited forever for an appt. Referred him for PT and by the time that appt came he was in oncology with end-stage lung cancer.

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I want to be with him. I lost my wife of 54 years 20 days ago to pancreatic cancer. Her life was mostly filled with pain for the last 18 months. I am thankful to God for the time we had together but now my life seems meaningless. I wish He had taken us together.

I lost my wife to colon cancer on August 7th. I feel so sad. I was her care giver right till the end. Our marriage was a blessing. I struggle with how this could have happened. She was only Thanks for reading. My husband died April 8 after being sick from a massive stroke 6 months prior. I took care of him for 4 months up until he passed at home.

Finding Jill : How I Rebuilt My Life after Losing the Five People I Loved Most

That was hard work. Then I had to sell my house right away and I did. That was hard also. I am trying to drive I get anxiety. So I dont really go anywhere. The loneliness is the hardest thing for me. We worked together did everything together for years. I miss him on movie night. I miss cooking for 2, now I dont know what to eat.

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I reward myself for driving to the store but in the wrong way spending money on lottery tickets. I take it one day at a time. He was 36yrs old.


My whole life has been turned upside down. I am lost for words. Lost my wife to cancer 7 and a half years ago. She was 58 when cancer was found and died at age We were married 13 years. Knew each other many years prior. Did not fight or argue. There are times yet when loneliness is almost unbearable,still cry sometimes when I see a couple holding hands or something on t. It helps to know I am not.