Gangsters Quotes:Mobsters in their own words. Illustrated

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It's believable. If Xavier is going to win the way it wants to this season, Holloway has to lead the way.

He should know better. I said, this is my city. I'm cut from a different cloth. None of them guys on their team is like me. I let the whole staff know none of them was like me.

Gangsters Quotes: Mobsters in Their Own Words. Illustrated

The problem started on Thursday. The game is always chippy and occasionally incendiary, if not to this extreme. Cincinnati is public and large, with 40, students. Xavier is private and small 4, students. I figured some ignorant folks would push the 'that's what young black men do' stereotypes. So being "gangsters" is a good thing? What kind of parents rear kids like that?

The ones injured should decide if charges are pressed. The ones fighting should be suspended a couple of games. Everyone should move on. If the schools dont tolerate those actions then then get rid of the players; if the scools want to keep making money on their basketball programs they may keep them around for a better record. Gangstas always take care of themselves first.

Suspend the sport for a year. Maybe then they can control themselves. This is not sports; this was a brawl and they all have an excuse as to why it happened. I remember when the thug Robin Ventura went after the gangster Nolan Ryan.

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That gangster Ryan put a beating on the thug Ventura. The ensuing brawl was an embarrassment to the teams these JIGS represent, as well as the cities of Chicago and Dallas.

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I hope these thugs and gangsters put this on their resumes. Who will ever hire these knuckle-draggers? Nolan Ryan and Robin Ventura are nothing but a bunch of thugs and gangsters and should have been kicked out of baseball at the time and the Rangers and White Sox should have had their seasons suspended for a year. It would have taught a lesson and maybe finally teach these thugs and gangsters how real life works. The same people making a big stink about a couple of words said in the heat of the moment have totally ignored the many racist names and comments on this very thread.

By your silence I feel that this is something you support. Maybe CNN should suspend the blog over this; or shut down the organization entirely. What say you?

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I say that is one of the most irrational suggestions I've heard. If you don't like what people are writing, then disagree with it or ignore it but don't censor it because you are 'offended'. Doesn't gangsta rap, with it's vulgar language and hatred of and violence towards women, offend you? It does me, so, guess what — I avoid it.

The universities should have taken a stronger stand. Suspending them for a couple of games is a slap on the hand. Kerry Greenwood. Jack Kirby. John E.

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