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Las ratas adiestradas para conducir coches diminutos se sienten menos estresadas. Our host shares in-depth analysis of current headlines in real, everyday Spanish. Nueva Delhi se ahoga en una nube de esmog. El pago mediante reconocimiento facial se abre paso en China. Donald Trump amenaza a las especies ya amenazadas.

The 13 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Spanish

News in Slow Spanish features native speakers discussing current events and culture. News stories you care about at a pace you can understand. Listen, read, and start thinking in Spanish anywhere you go — at home, in the classroom, and on any of your devices. Prepare for News in Slow Spanish with this introductory course, ideal for beginners or to review the basics. Develop your comprehension as you listen to the news.

Go further with interactive transcripts, lessons, pronunciation, and quizzes. Challenge yourself to an intellectually simulating blend of opinion, cultural insights and in-depth analysis of trending news. Felicidades a todo el equipo por un podcast inigualable.

Instead of trying to memorize greetings, numbers, colors, and days and months, your child will enjoy the fun of putting them to music. While singing "Los meses del ano The months of the year ," not only will your child be actively engaged, but the lessons learned will stay with her much longer as she associates the new words with easy-to-remember rhythms and beats. Pop in the twenty-five-minute CD and listen as your child sings along in Spanish with other kids on the recording, belting out these delightful tunes and learning about everyday subjects at the same time.

Learn Spanish Video Series Buena Gente S1 E1

Songbook of twenty original tunes will have your child, aged three to six, singing in Spanish in no time. It features English translation of lyrics to build your child's Spanish vocabulary. Simple chords and musical notation allow you accompany your child on guitar or piano.

It includes kid singers on the CD model proper Spanish pronunciation and intonation. CD format allows for easy song location and quick replay. Whether you're an educator, parent, babysitter, or caregiver, you'll be amazed at how quickly kids, even the shiest in the bunch, catch on to Spanish when music is the medium! Containing simple words, this title features illustrated flashcards that makes learning a new language easy and fun.

Each card has a simple illustration and the word underneath with the translation in smaller type at the bottom on one side.

New Method of Teaching Spanish Inspires Quicker Learning, Better Comprehension

With thousands of words from a variety of topics, the new Oxford Children's Spanish-English Visual Dictionary gives students learning, and using, Spanish the best reading and writing support. Each topic includes a short introductory text given in both Spanish and English plus over 20 bright, modern illustrations labelled in both Spanish and English. There are over illustrations throughout.

The illustrations feature engaging children characters and the topics are familiar and appropriate to the primary curriculum. Introductions to the language and how to get the most out of the dictionary, along with pages on opposites, numbers, time, and calendar words plus full indexes in both Spanish and English make this Dictionary easy, and fun, to use.

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This looks like a book but it's actually a clever sound panel that allows children to hear Spanish words spoken by a native speaker. Simply take one of the 4 cards each features 16 words and pictures on each side out of the envelope and insert into the slot as instructed.

Press 'go' and then a picture to hear how the word is pronounced. The Oxford First Learner's Spanish Dictionary is a bilingual Spanish dictionary, the perfect reference tool for teaching Modern Languages as part of the curriculum to pupils aged This alphabetical dictionary has a colour user-friendly design, the alphabet down the side of each page, and colour headwords that lead the pupil straight to the translation they are looking for.

It gives core vocabulary with phrases and context examples, as well as special level-appropriate language tips on grammar and usage and cultural tips about life in Spanish-speaking countries. The dictionary has been designed to meet the requirements of the KS2 Framework for Languages and will be a useful resource not only for pupils, but also for primary teachers who may be teaching the language for the first time, and for parents who need to help their child with homework. This title deals with everyday situations in which children may find themselves while abroad. Spanish grammar is clearly explained, and puzzles provide plenty of practice.

This title is part of a series providing a thorough grounding in useful, basic language skills.

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The two sides of the dictionary are clearly divided into Spanish-English and English-Spanish, with an essential verb table list in the centre with essential English translations for the different tenses. The headwords are carefully selected to suit beginners, and particular attention is given to computing, word-processing, and ICT terms.

In line with curriculum requirements, there is a special section dedicated to vocabulary and phrases on Spanish life and culture. The simple layout, the alphabet down the side of each page, and the clear print will help pupils navigate around the dictionary and take them straight to the translation they are looking for. This dictionary comes in a handy mini-size format with a new eco-friendly binding, perfect for school bags and for taking on holiday.

For free downloadable fun activities in Spanish, go online to the www.

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Now in CD format, this package is perfect for car trips, around the house, or anytime kids want to hear some Spanish fun. The minute CD features twenty-two catchy songs that entertain kids while exposing them to Spanish language basics. The lyrics have been specifically developed for easy understanding - and the engaging melodies make singing along irresistible.

The narrator highlights key words and phrases, reinforcing important vocabulary for young listeners; and each song is followed by a simple game or activity that gives kids the opportunity to show off what they have learned. The twenty-two songs reinforce a wide variety of basic vocabulary such as counting, family, holidays, school, animals, weather, and colors.

The accompanying booklet features all the lyrics in both English and Spanish. Covering popular topics such as zoo, high street, forest, classroom, supermarket, food and animals. Simple and colourful sticker scenes for young Spanish language learners. Match the word to the illustration to make your own thematic sticker dictionary. Over 50 Spanish words to find, match and practise.

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