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It goes without saying that you should be moderately fit to attempt this climb but for most hikers, the real challenge is the altitude. Water and carbohydrates, two of my favourite things, are the bread and butter of avoiding altitude sickness, and a little paracetamol goes a long way. On my birthday, I just want to feel warm. The wind in this zone is arctic and gusts under the skirts of our dinner tent as we force down potatoes. Deeply moved and just a little embarrassed , my heart swells — I feel very warm indeed.

The night of reaching the summit, the mood is sober; we set out just shy of midnight, following the twinkling breadcrumb trail of headlamps into the darkness.

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The temperature is sub-zero, and the pitch steep, but the sense of camaraderie is overwhelming. And then, we walk into a snowstorm — highly unusual for this time of year. They say Kilimanjaro is a shy mountain; shy she may be, but she certainly dances to the beat of her own drum.

What I wish I knew before climbing Kilimanjaro | Intrepid Travel Blog

With no hope of a view at the top, I shut down every feeling but pure grit — I am determined to reach this peak. And we do. Every emotion comes rushing over me in a fast and visceral wave, and amid the hugging and congratulations, I am crying. What takes six days to climb, takes one painful day to descend. My thoughts are of two things: a hot shower and a cold beer.

Even in Africa, I am an Aussie girl at heart. Climb Kilimanjaro - Journey to the roof of Africa. Travel Blog. Read Time: 4. Kilimanjaro is so large that you climb through five distinct ecosystems. I love to explore cities by wandering their streets and drinking their coffee. Don your boots, grab a pack and walk this way Regardless of whether you consider yourself an active traveller, there are some walks and treks that. Read Time: 6.

Expedition people are a type of people. Those venturing to the. Read Time: 2. The United Kingdom. A moody landscape pockmarked with misty ruins and entwined with Celtic and Viking heritage, Northern Ireland has provided the evocative backdrop of. Ringed by the calm waters.

Duration of climb: 5 – 6 days

Read Time: 5. If you are interested in travelling to Kilimanjaro at dates other than those listed, we would be delighted to organise the trip for whatever dates you wish for groups of two or more people. If you wish to arrange and pay for your own flight to Tanzania, we will meet you at the airport. Full refund applies only if cancellation is received and acknowledged 20 weeks or more prior to departure.

For bookings where flights have to be paid for in advance, the flight cost is non-refundable once paid. The climb does not require any technical mountaineering skills and Kili is classified as a trekking peak, suitable to all and one that can be achieved by a beginner with training. A good level of fitness and some experience on a mountain is recommended prior to departure. You will enjoy your trip a lot more if you have prepared well.

We recommend that you attend our free Meet Weekend in County Kerry to say hello to the group and meet with our guides. This is an ideal opportunity to check out your fitness levels when you are assessed by our experienced guides on this preparatory hill walk. The day also provides a good opportunity to get any questions answered or concerns dealt with that you may have in relation to the trip.

We talk about dealing with altitude and different weather conditions as well as giving tips on gear and general training. Pace is key to preventing AMS Acute Mountain Sickness and our guides monitor the group at all times for signs and symptoms. If you have some degree of fitness and experience, we recommend a six-month training programme to ensure that you can trek comfortably between 4,m and 6,m.

Our suggested programme is as follows:. Ask your GP for advice on vaccinations, keeping in mind your travel history to date.

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  7. You can get this from your doctor. Please ensure it has six months before expiry prior your departure date. All visitors are obliged to get a visa at the airport in Tanzania so please ensure you have four passport-size photos of yourself before we depart. Money : It is advisable to bring some money in cash for the trip. ATMs are not always reliable or might have a low daily withdrawal limit.

    Climb Kilimanjaro - Journey to the roof of Africa

    Once en route, Euro or US Dollars in cash are the best way to pay for services including porters, tips, etc. This part one of gear required and packing for Kilimanjaro by world-renowned explorer and adventurer Pat Falvey. If you have any questions please email info patfalvey. We love what we do, the places we travel to and the people we work with in each destination. After 25 years of worldwide travel, we remain curious about learning more and retain our delight in sharing what we know with you.

    We are a hands-on company whose staff are available to answer your queries both inside and outside usual office hours. Our staff and partners in Nepal, Russia, Africa, Argentina, Peru and Antarctica are as close to us as family members and share our enthusiasm for your trips. We see their work as a vital part of each adventure and have always ensured that local staff, most of whom have worked with Pat for many years, are fairly and honourably treated.

    The experience and expertise of everyone who works with us is guaranteed and makes for adventures that are high on safety, support and good fun. Our guides closely monitor the group at all times for symptoms of the effects of high altitude and are always ready to take the necessary precautions when necessary. We are not only willing to go the extra mile to make your trip our priority, we are happy to do so.

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