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He claims that two types of portals exist; Passage of time portals and Personal vision portals.


Allan claims that his work will finally untether mankind from the constraints of materialism. Ancient Code Community Compose. Post Pagination Next Post Next. Like it?

Mayan Calendar Room Reveals its Secrets – WHITLEY STRIEBER'S UNKNOWN COUNTRY

Share with your friends! Ivan is editor-in-chief at ancient-code. The end of this year cycle was particularly feared, because it was believed to be a time when the world might come to an end and the sky might fall, if the gods were not satisfied with the way humanity had carried out its obligations. The year cycle was inadequate, however, to measure the continual passage of time through the ages. Another calendar was thus devised, called the Long Count. The Long Count was based on the following units of time: a kin one day ; a uinal a month of 20 kins ; a tun a year of kins or 18 uinals ; a katun 20 tuns ; a baktun 20 katuns , or years.

Larger units included the pictun , the calabtun , the kinchiltun and the analtun. Each analtun was equivalent to 64 million years. The Long Count starts from the beginning of the current creation cycle, and corresponds to the present age. The date of this creation is set at either B. This is the starting date for all subsequent counting - similar to our use of the birth of Christ as a starting point for modern historical dates. To indicate a date, the Maya calendar used five figures in this order: baktun, katun, tun, uin, kin.

This would be written as, for example: 9. This gives us a total of 1,, days approximately 3, solar years since the beginning of the last Creation, at the Maya calendar round position of 10 Chuen, 4 Kumku. This would be equivalent to a date sometime in our year A. One of the most important roles of the calendar was not to fix dates accurately in time, however, but to correlate the actions of Maya rulers to historic and mythological events.


The acts of gods performed in the days of myth were reenacted by Maya rulers, often on the anniversary of the original event - a date which was carefully calculated by Maya priests. The calendar was also used to mark the time of past and future happenings. Some Maya monuments, for example, record the dates of events 90 million years ago, while others predict events that will take place 3, years into the future. The calendar also predicted the future, as our astrological zodiac does.

Only the upper levels of TempleIV have been restored, but thanks to a pair of wooden staircases that surmount the rubble, visitors can climb nearly to the top of this structure for the finest view at Tikal.

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A seemingly limitless green expanse of rain forest billows into the distance like waves on a chlorophyll ocean. There is no sign of any other human settlement. The Lost World is a complex of pyramids and buildings southwest of the GreatPlaza. It was excavated and restored between and by Guatemalan archaeologists working on the Tikal National Project. The area, according to Guatemalan epigrapher Federico Fahsen, served as an observatory from about b. During the early Classic period, it vied with the North Acropolis as the ceremonial epicenter of Tikal and served as a royal burial ground.

January 31, The impact that other civilizations have had on the Maya is just beginning to be understood, researchers say. The last dated stela erected at Tikal was put up in a. The stelae are no help—the collapse seems to have ended most of the carving. Most likely, researchers speculate, a severe drought devastated a society that was already suffering from overpopulation and famine.

Mayan Calendar Room Reveals its Secrets

Tikal still keeps some secrets. Scanning a map of the ruins laid out on his desk, Stuart points to an area of nameless, unexcavated mounds just south of the Lost World. What changes it is the fortuitous discovery of a new inscription. Continue or Give a Gift. Privacy Policy , Terms of Use Sign up. SmartNews History. History Archaeology.

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Time travel cracked? Secret code in ancient Mayan calendar ‘reveals’ time portals - Daily Star

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