The Dark Night Whispers (The Whispers series #2)

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To confuse Ania even more, she is finding well-known fairy tales in her pocket. Will she ever get to the end of this emotional rollercoaster? Create Widget. About Joanna Mazurkiewicz. She enjoys cycling around Welsh countryside some of which has become the settings in her first series Learn more about Joanna Mazurkiewicz. Also in Series: The Whispers Series.

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The Dark Night Whispers (The Whispers #2)

Aikog reviewed on on Feb. Report this book. It is gripping and keeps you begging for more. Sophie Cleverly was born in Bath in She wrote her first story at the age of four, though it used no punctuation and was essentially one long sentence. Now working as a full-time writer, Sophie lives with her partner in Wiltshire, where she has a house full of books and a garden full of crows. The books largely consist of fantasy and historical novels; many of them for children and young adults.

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The links will take you to the Web site's home page. Interest-specific online venues will often provide a book buying opportunity. Meanwhile, Lena agrees to a deal to kill someone, as long as Drill stops communicating with Minx. Thomas tells the story of how nuclear tests between and sent "beacons" into space, which eventually led to Drill coming to earth. He is horrified to hear about Henry and the others talking to Drill, saying the first Drill must have gotten out a distress signal before Thomas killed him. Sean and Claire rush Thomas to the hospital. They are met by Dr.

Benavidez, who is not pleased to see Sean but accepts their story that he is no longer possessed. Wes meets up with Lena, shaken by what she has just done, and the two are hauled away in government vehicles. Frommer allows Claire and Wes 24 hours to follow up on what they've learned from Thomas. The two visit the institution where Thomas lived for ten years, and find an old drawing under the wallpaper in Thomas' old room. It shows a boy carrying a demon, and they determine from photos that the boy is Elliot, the brother Thomas killed.

At the hospital, a sick boy is awakened after his sister communicates with Drill. Drill messes with the power, and the boy goes to see Thomas, demanding on threat of death that Thomas explain how he killed Drill. Thomas says that Drill destroyed his entire life anyway, and refuses to speak. Sean and Benavidez rush to save Thomas, but they are too late. Upon visiting the site of Elliot's killing, Wes and Claire determine not only how Thomas killed Drill, but why — because Thomas could see that Drill had now completely possessed Elliot.

A horrified Claire breaks down, realizing it is only a matter of time before the new Drill finds another host child on earth. Frommer has eyes and ears on the conversation and meets with President Winters. As Cassandra plays outside, Frommer asks Winters point-blank if he'd be able to sacrifice a child to eliminate the alien being.

A year old boy named Nicholas, who is an outcast at school, is helped by Drill while being kicked by a group of boys. He agrees to follow Drill to an unknown destination. Wes and Lily work with a group of experts to track Drill by following a pattern of "brownouts" that act like bread crumbs. One expert theorizes that Drill is running out of energy. The team decides to corner Drill in an abandoned school building, but it involves blacking out multiple grids in D. Lena tells Wes she is taking Minx on a cruise, knowing Drill can't get to them through power lines if they are at sea.

But their plans are disrupted by the blackouts. Lena gets worried when Wes doesn't answer his calls, and is helped home by a mysterious stranger. Elsewhere, Drill has been cornered in the school, with Lily and Wes thinking this is the end for him. But they soon discover that Nicholas is in the building.

With nowhere else to go, Drill starts to possess Nicholas. President Winters, looking on with Frommer, makes the difficult decision to restore power, saving Nicholas but also letting Drill escape. Wes vows to Drill that they will still find him and destroy him. Lena and Minx make it home, where the water dispenser in the refrigerator starts emitting a continuous stream. Lena steps in the water and is electrocuted. Wes arrives moments later to find his wife's lifeless body, while Minx weeps outside.

The Dark Night Whispers (The Whispers Series #2)

At Lena's funeral, Minx begins to feel dizzy and passes out. Wes rushes her to the hospital, where he sees that multiple children have the same symptoms. Benavidez does a brain scan on Minx, and notes she has the same abnormality that the other children have. Wes meets with President Winters and Frommer, and says the brain abnormality must have been implanted by Drill. He insists all children with dizziness and fatigue symptoms be quarantined. This includes Winters' daughter Cassandra. The children are sent to a compound with no outside power lines, in hopes that Drill cannot interfere while the children are studied.

Benavidez makes a discovery on her computer, only to be electrocuted. Wes now realizes Drill is in the compound, meaning a child is already possessed. Claire interviews each child to try and discover "tells" that will help her figure out whom Drill is possessing.

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A boy named Silas mentions the name "Orion" in his interview. He appears to know which child is Drill, but is afraid to tell because Drill threatened to kill his mother. In her interview, Minx says her dream is to build a time machine, to go back to "before all the bad stuff happened. He is caught doing so by Sean. The man says he is Daniel Goetz, a reporter, and that his source was Dr.

He says it's time the world knew about Drill. Back at the compound, alarms go off as Drill takes over the building. In the melee, Minx violently pushes Silas. All the children then point at Minx. An FBI team tries to recover the files from Dr. Benevidez's computer, but they have been wiped.

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An expert does recover a previous version of a file, which contains the heading "Millicent". Silas is interviewed by Claire again, and he swears he saw Minx in the office when Benevidez was electrocuted. Frommer gets President Winters to agree to execute Minx, and she is taken away before Wes can see her again. Meanwhile, Goetz wants to go public with what he's learned about the nuclear site incident, telling Sean he's convinced that "Drill" is a code name for some secret nuclear program.

Sean says he will share the real story with Goetz, hoping the threat of the news will get the children released from the compound. When the President finds out about the pending story, he plans a quick press conference to head off the news release and prevent panic.

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Knowing that Minx is about to be executed, he will tell the world that the threat has been eliminated. While talking with Sean again, Goetz calls the President by his code name, Oberon. He explains that the first family all have code names that begin with the letter "O". He quickly gets a message to Claire and Wes. Claire realizes that Silas lied about Minx to save his mother. Wes barely makes it to the compound in time to save Minx. Claire tries to rush into the press conference, but is tackled by Secret Service.

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As Claire suspected, Cassandra uses the news uplinks in the press conference to get out a distress signal. Drill's end game finally comes to play, as he disposes of Cassandra's body to send out a sleeper cell to the children he has contacted over the years, including fully grown adults. Claire and Wes try to uncover the clues to Drill's end game, while Sean meets with Thomas' father, Ron, to find the meaning behind the mysterious signal Drill sent out.