The Journal of a Journey to His Holiness

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Worship the LORD in the Beauty of His Holiness

The same applies today. Praying in tongues is both a purifying fire and a devouring fire. As you pray in other tongues the fire of God will devour your works of wood, hay, and stubble while at the same time purifying your works of gold, silver, and precious stones. This will save your works at the judgment seat of Christ and cause you to enter into a sure reward. How does this happen? It happens through the interpretation processes of revelation and precise instruction from the Holy Spirit. The Bible says that we should pray to interpret our heavenly language of tongues 1 Cor.

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The key is to locate the channel by which the Holy Spirit speaks. Most Christians have a difficult time distinguishing their spirit from their intellect. Your conscience is the voice of your spirit.

His Holiness - Mandala Earth Editions

The Holy Spirit is more closely associated with your conscience than your intellect. As you pray in tongues you are praying from the channel of your conscience through which the Holy Spirit speaks. Most Christians have a difficult time hearing from God because their soul, which comprises of their intellect, is clouded with self, mingled with the world, and yet has some Word in it.

Praying in other tongues will broaden the channel by which God speaks. In my case I prayed so much in other tongues that eventually those tongues seemed to turn to English at times, and the Lord began to give me revelation and instruction concerning my life and ministry. Praying in tongues also aligns your heart with the motives of Jesus Christ especially as you spend time meditating on the life and words of Jesus in the gospels. This will strengthen your conscience. The conscience will then translate those motives into thoughts and order your soul in it through the revelation and instruction you are receiving from the Holy Spirit.

That is real character transformation which is what the Lord is after. It is time to double up and triple up praying in other tongues, and to get the order and organization of your life and ministry from the Spirit of God.

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Let Him speak to you and give you clarity. You and Pastor Tammy are right together on this.

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A prophecy thru her for the New year focused mainly on praying in tongues. So awesome to see you both encouraging us to go this way. Thank you! This word has been coming from multiple angles and this post just made it all the more loud and clear. Appreciate you Bert. My friend told me to choose whatever book I wanted. Our weekly prayer meeting included the teens last week.

Holiness to the Lord

Awesome, thank you! Kindly post a review on Amazon and your friend, too if it is a blessing to you. This book has few reviews. May bless your hunger and fill you with His presence.

It taught that ancient Israelites had come to America, attempted to convert the natives and recounted their trials and New World revelations in golden tablets that form a sort of sequel to the Bible. Then there was the sheer awkwardness of being fresh off the boat. Thanks to private tutoring and years spent watching American movies in the Islamic Republic, I was nearly fluent in English before ever setting foot in the US.

But mastering American mores was tougher. Being secular-minded in Iran was one thing; the free and close proximity to girls in school something else. It was an obscene comparison, but it helped me make sense of my circumstances. I began dressing in black every day, contrived a gloomy persona and — this last probably saved me — read voraciously.

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It set me off on an intellectual and spiritual road that, many years later, would bring me to an unlikely destination: the Roman Catholic Church. Reading important books on your own in your late teens is an intoxicating business. Your critical faculties are still only half-formed. That was the case with me, anyway.

If I could go back, I would try to read the great books in some coherent order, closely and critically, preferably with a good teacher.

A Reporter's Journey to Visit the Dalai Lama

But I was too arrogant to allow anyone to tell me how and what to read. I began with the half-mad Nietzsche.

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  7. He proclaimed that God is dead and that Judeo-Christian morality is the product of a slave mentality, allowing the weak to vent their ressentiment at the strong. Zarathustra spoke to my soul. The point was to surpass God, and good and evil, to arrive at a new morality whatever that meant. Nietzsche opened up the whole constellation of existentialist philosophy mainly Sartre and Camus and the existential-ish novel Bataille, Dostoevsky, Hesse and Kafka. My confidence was born of the fact that I had almost no real sense of the things I was writing about — of the gravity of real life.

    I lived totally in my head. Camus and Sartre, my existentialist heroes, disagreed over what to do in this meaningless world. Camus favoured a kind of personal and situational ethics over grand political projects.

    The "ordinary" holiness of Good Pope John

    I went the Sartre route. The next stop was Marxism — specifically Trotskyism, a more romantic strand of the totalitarian ideology. With Marxism, I could oppose the US as the evil capitalist hegemon without having to buy into any fanatical Shia mumbo-jumbo. It also assuaged my own class anxieties.

    My economic displacement, you see, was but a small ripple in the dialectic. I signed up to a Trotskyite group called Socialist Alternative.

    My journey from Tehran to Rome | Catholic Herald

    In my free time, I hawked its pamphlets and joined labour union picket lines rest assured, I did my share of hooking up, hard drinking and drugs, too. I wept for a Soviet leader, and became insufferably self-righteous. But Marxism never was able to answer questions having to do with my inner life. Nor, for that matter, did Lacanian psychoanalysis, the Frankfurt School, post-structuralism, queer theory or any of the other fashionable philosophies I tried on, each in turn.

    The ancient prophets and philosophers had deluded themselves. Everything about people was a product of historical conditions and social power dynamics. And therefore people were infinitely malleable. There were only two problems. After university, I was accepted into a programme called Teach for America — the British equivalent is Teach First — which dispatches recent graduates to classrooms in the inner cities and underserved rural areas.

    As a committed leftist, I had to believe that the achievement gap between rich and poor students was purely a problem of redistributive justice. If only schools in the Valley were as richly funded as those in white, suburban districts, there would be no achievement gap. My teaching career quickly disabused me of these notions.